Killing Bites Episode One Review

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I wasn’t going into this title with any high hopes. If anything this show following a half human half animal girl partaking in underground cage fights, would at the very least be super trashy and entertaining. Well at the very least I got the trash part down right. I’m not holding back Killing Bites first episode pretty much told me everything about this show from the very onslaught. It’s gonna be super edgy with swearing, decapitated heads, and tons of blood and boobs. It won’t have interesting characters that won’t make you care for them. Literally the first thing that happens when the show begins is a bunch of guys come and take our main heroine and try to rape her. I guess the guy she ends up with who tried stopping them is okay but nothing memorable hell I care so little about these people that I don’t remember there names. Also the premise is bad it’s overall reasoning for these fights are never explained nor why any of this exists other then for like another version of cockfighting. It doesn’t matter Killing Bites won’t likely fully explain this or care to. Instead the main draw are its battles, but even then I wasn’t pumped about any of these fights they were functional, but if you’ve watched any really edgy show before this you’ve seen it all before. I don’t know if I have anything really nice to say I’d say my low expectations were lowered even more. So I guess that’s an accomplishment? I can’t recommend Killing Bites to anyone unless you’re really into these edgy as heck shows. If that’s your jam go for it, but I can say you could do better, MUCH better.


Final Verdict: 2/10

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