Kokkoku Episode One Review

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This is an interesting show to pick this season to talk about. Not because of it’s themes or it’s introduction we’ll talk about that in a second but the manga itself. I’ve read a bit of the manga as of writing this two volumes to be specific. So far it’s a solid read a bit confusing to follow at times but I am pleased with what I have read. With it’s story focusing on Juri and her family entering stasis by some magical stone and having to face foes and creatures that lurk inside of it. It’s a very strange manga but so far it’s solid. Still though it’s weird to see this get an anime adaptation. You never see full series based on completed manga and whenever that does happen we’re usually given a fairly decent anime adaptation like Parasyte or Hellsing Ultimate.


Yet, with that being said the first episode of Kokkoku was adequate. Not much to say really, I do enjoy how dysfunctional Juri’s family is how her brother the oldest sibling is a shut in, her older sister has a child and doesn’t know who the father is, and her father was fired from his job and just sits on his ass and doesn’t do much. They fire quips off one another very well and it does feel like something relatable at least to me. The first episode is not really the best example of why these characters are good since later chapters give them more depth and time to grow but as it stands currently they are fine. Not incredible, but decent I will also say that the concept for Kokkoku is brilliant. I love the idea that these characters are in a specific point in time that they froze and can be in their for a while just so they can retrieve their family members who were kidnapped yet it spirals out of control when they try getting them. It’s a smart idea you can do a lot with and with what I read so far it’s looking pretty likely the anime may enhance that.


Although to take away what the anime does it removes scenes like the beginning of the manga on Juri losing her pet dog. Although that might be covered in a later episode we will just have to wait and see. Another strike is just the production itself it’s not the best looking or the best animated. It gets the job done but nothing past that it’s fine but I hope to see improvements as episodes move on. As it stands Kokkoku is solid not amazing but fine. I recommend giving this one a shot first episode was pretty engaging even if everything about it so far isn’t great.


Final Verdict: 6/10

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